Product Photography

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The fastest way to build trust with your customer is through professional content! It takes less than a second for someone to judge your business and decide whether or not they want to click through to learn more. One image can be the make or break, and I strategically create commercial photography designed to GET THE CLICK! Whether you need something I am here to help!

With the classic product image, your item is shown in front of a neutral or white background. The product is shown in packaging or without according to your wishes. Uniform product images convey seriousness, professionalism and high quality to the customer.

With the help of retouching, the smallest impurities on the products, such as dust or scratches, are easily removed. The product is presented in the best possible way and all properties are highlighted accordingly. In order to refine your articles, you can choose to create a shadow or a mirror. This makes for a more plastic and realistic appearance. Reflections are often used in jewelry and watches to emphasize the specialty of the materials. Only with professional post-processing will the recordings get their very personal and individual look with maximum accuracy.

In the case of photos with a model, I will do a beauty high-end retouching.

You can then download the high-resolution, print-ready product photo in 300 DPI.

The clipping of the products enables a multitude of possibilities to individualize them. Adapt your background to your webshop design or insert the article for mood photos in a wide variety of situations. Advertising posters and magazine advertisements represent an article in an artistic setting. Clipping with a path opens up endless possibilities in post-production.

In addition, I can make detailed shots of materials, surfaces, textures and structures of your product in order to represent it as “real” as possible. Close-ups often tell the story of the situation by focusing on a relatively small part of the situation/product.

Highlight product benefits with infographics

The infography is a supplement to classic product images. It shows the most important properties and advantages of the product in an appealing visual way. The customer does not have to read through the entire product text to find out the main features of the product. A professionally designed infographic gives the product presentation a serious, appealing touch.

You can decide which information should be included. Infographics offer the customer a visually convincing overview of the most important properties of the product and are therefore perfect for online shops or Amazon listings.

There are many types of infographics. I use high quality fonts and vector graphics to add value to your product. A special way to highlight your product advantages are small animations, so-called gifs, which can be integrated on social media but also in online shops.

Let’s talk about your vision and all the details!