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Commercial brand photography
for business & lifestyle brands

Hello – I’m Ksenia Schüßler. I am a commercial brand photographer & creative director based in germany, Aschaffenburg specialised in skincare, editorial, fashion and beauty. I work internationally and passionately 1:1 with my clients to understand their goals and visions and translate that into creative imagery and projects. I look forward to hearing from you!

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Stilllife &

Standard for many e-commerce platforms, such as Amazon. Usually the actual products are in or next to the packaging. With a photoshop clipping path on request.


The infography is a supplement to classic product images. It shows the most important properties and advantages of the product in an appealing visual way. A special way to highlight the product advantages are small animations.

Textures &
Detail Shots

Detailed shots of materials, surfaces, textures and structures to make your product as “real” as possible. Close-ups often tell the story of the situation by focusing on a relatively small part of the situation.

Lifestyle &

Need something with a model to showcase your products? Your product staged – meaningful & lively. Customers want to see how your products are used in real life! Allowing them to imagine YOUR product in their own space. 

Let’s create something special together and talk about your vision and all the details!

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