My Process

Your offer
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Your project is unique and is different from every other brand. There’s no one price fits all which is why we custom quote your project to ensure we’re pricing based on exactly what YOU need as our client.

To get the ball rolling, please contact me using my contact form. We can then clarify further details in a phone call. If you have a creative brief, please send it to me so that I can really get to know your brand, your target market and your goals for the project. As soon as I know more about your needs, I can make you an offer.

My Process

First off we’ll get to know your brand and understand the ‘why’ behind your photoshoot and the purpose of the content you will receive an individually tailored offer. 

I will develop unique and creative concepts that align perfectly with your brand. It’s then time to source your props, backgrounds, search for talent if required and swing through our pre-production board to you for your approval prior to shooting day.


After confirming my offer, send me your goods for the product photos. As soon as I have received your products, a visual inspection will be carried out to determine whether your goods have arrived at my place without damage. You will receive a receipt of goods from me on the same day.

In my offers there is always an estimate of the duration of the implementation of your product photography order. In very rare cases, I can only estimate the exact effort after viewing the actual goods, for example if the goods have traces of manufacture (higher retouching effort than planned), have to be assembled (increased preliminary effort) or a complex set is required. There may be slight temporal differences in the creation of your product photos, which I always communicate immediately.

Photoshooting (Production)

I create the product photos according to your wishes. Twice a week you will receive a link to an online picture gallery in which you can see the status of the work and send me corrections to the product photos at any time.

Selection & approval

Checking and approval of your desired photos in a password-protected online gallery.


With the help of retouching, the smallest impurities on the products, such as dust or scratches, are easily removed. The product is presented in the best possible way and all properties are highlighted accordingly. In order to refine your articles, you can choose to create a shadow or a mirror. This makes for a more plastic and realistic appearance. Reflections are often used in jewelry and watches to emphasize the specialty of the materials.

Not all components have to be supplemented by post-processing. If there are a large number of uniform products, it is advisable to use aids while taking photos. In this way, simple shadows and reflections can be incorporated directly. Only with professional post-processing will the recordings get their very own personal and individual look with maximum accuracy.

In the case of photos with a model, I will do a beauty high-end retouching.

You will then receive the high-resolution, print-ready product photo in 300 DPI by download.

When the work on your product photos is finished, your products will be repackaged and sent back to you immediately. On the day the goods are dispatched, you will receive a shipping confirmation including the consignment number with which you can trace the “journey home” of your products.

Let’s talk about your vision and all the details!